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Husqvarna 961830003 208cc Single Stage big 2

Noisy, bulky, and expensive, these are the most commonly occurring problems with most snow blowers. Snow blowers that claim to be powerful sometimes just end up making a mess rather than cleaning it up.  The so called powerful blower blows away the snow haphazardly around your yard with its uncontrolled suction. These problems make snow time and snow cleaning even worse. The need of the time is a light, compact yet efficient snow blower that does the job without any hassles. Above all it has to be quite, so you entire neighborhood doesn’t need to know that you have been blowing away snow from your front yard.

Features and specifications:

Now you no longer have to break your back, irritate your nose and burst your ear drums while clearing out snow. The Husqvarna ST121 single stage snow thrower is for the new age. Very well designed, this snow blower does the job, well and without the fuss.Before you proceed to buy this item, get in touch with the various important features and details of the product so that you have a know how when the product reaches you. Here are some of them:

Very silent: One of the biggest complaints that are often heard about snow blowers is that they are very noisy. Everyone in the neighborhood gets disturbed and the poor person who is actually using the blower goes half deaf. Husqvarna has solved this problem by manufacturing a blower that is very silent. It does the job so quietly that you don’t hear anything more than a hum. The neighbors are at peace, and so are your own family members.

Very efficient: For a snow blower so small, it is amazingly efficient. The engine is a decent one, with 208 cc, which is excellent for light to snow. The snow blower has an electric start, which means that it is very easy to start up, simply by pressing a button. The chute has a capacity to clear away a path wide enough as 21 inches, which is very great for a small sized blower.

Ergonomic design: Another thing that greatly contributes to the mobility and agility of the device is the fact that is has been intelligently designed to ergonomic. The augers are made of a 4ply light, yet heavy duty rubber that ensures a soft grip, which is light on your hands. It is also light to carry. The handle has an over mold bail arm, which increases the flexibility and mobility of the handles. The tires are of eight inches, which ensures high traction, for safe and easy movement on snowy paths.

Pros and Cons:


  • Small and compact
  • One year warranty
  • Very silent
  • Ergonomic
  • Efficient


  • Can’t be used on snow heavier than eight inches

What the customers have to say about it?

People with small and limited storage spaces are the happy buyers of the product. They gave the product 4.3 stars out of 5.


If you are looking for a snow blower that is efficient, but not bulky and noisy, and can be stored easily, then the Husqvarna is the perfect choice for you. Go ahead and buy it to make your life easier.