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GreenWorks snow blower

Gas powered snow blowers are efficient enough, but they are quite a hassle in terms of maintenance and energy costs. Plus they also have a complicated mechanism. They are slowly going out of fashion as more and more electric corded snow blowers are taking their place. One really great electric powered snow blower is the Greenworks 26032 Corded snow thrower that is powerful and efficient, yet easy to use and maintain. With good, powerful motor, silent operations and a multi directional chute, this snow thrower is one of the best picks for all the snow clearing tasks this winter.

Features and specifications:

The snow throwers used to be complicated, bulky and difficult to use. The Greenworks snow thrower however, makes the work easier and physically less tough for you. It is one of the most sleek and efficient snow blowers in the market.  It is a pack full offeatures and has numerous advantages and is definitely a must buy for easier winters. Before you make the purchase however, make sure that you are well aware with the features and specification so that once you buy the product, you are not disappointed with what you get, and also appreciate the good things about the product. Here are some essential details and features:

Powerful action: This blower can clear a snow path as much as 10 inches deep. Which means it cleans almost all of it. This means that the machine does a lot of work, but in a very short time. You get double the amount of work done in half the time. Plus the snow can be thrown over a large distance, which means that the snow goes well out of your yards.

Well built: The thing that greatly enhances the agility as well as the usefulness of the snow thrower is the fact that it has been very well crafted to be ergonomic. The augers of a light and heavy duty rubber which makes it soft to hold and work with. The wheels are almost 6 inches wide, which provide good traction for the snow blower when the paths are snowy and slippery. There is a cord lock for securing the cord in place, so there is no danger of tripping on the wire, or pulling it out of its limit of extension and damaging it.

Environmentally friendly:  The snow throwers uses electricity instead of gas, which means that it is safe and healthy for the environment. This way you can keep working without having to worry about harmful emissions.

Pros and Cons:


  • No hassles of gas
  • Safety design
  • Ergonomic
  • Eco friendly
  • Powerful working action
  • A little noisy


What the customers had to say about it?

Most customers loved the fact that it came it came with a long four year warranty. The found it efficient and simple. They gave it 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.


If you are looking for a powerful and efficient yet hassle free snow thrower, the hands down the Greenworks snow thrower is the best option for you.