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Snow Joe snow blower

Peak of winters means heavy snow. The snow makes life difficult and puts a stop to all outdoor activity. Therefore, snow blowers are essential in the winter. Not only do they clear paths and driveways, they prevent many accidents that may occur due to snow and slipperiness. The snow blowers need to be powerful, efficient and safe to use. There are numerous brands in the market that make good snow blowers. One of the best is the snow Joe ultra. Their products are reliable and efficient. These snow blowers really make your life easier.

Features and specifications:

This is a powerful product that has been designed to especially clear out really deep snow and large areas of driveways and paths. It is well designed, so that it does the job but does not put a physical strain on your body. It is efficient, economical and hence it is a must buy. Before you buy this product however, it is good to know about the product so that, firstly you know what to expect when you buy it, and secondly you can appreciate it even better. Plus, it is always better to have a know how of the product. Here are some features and specifications you should be aware of:

Powerful: This is a powerful machine that is effective for cleaning out large driveways, and very deep snow. This means no matter how difficult the job is, and how large the amount of snow to be cleaned is, this blower does the job for you in no time. So now you don’t have to go over and over a single area with a blower to clear all of it. The job can be done at once. This machine can move as much as 720 pounds of snow in a minute, which means that no matter how much it has snowed, you got nothing to worry about.

Energy efficient: This blower is very energy efficient. It works on electricity rather than gas, but it has been designed to consume less energy and work more. This means that you get a powerful job done, with half the energy costs.

Easy to maintain: First of all, the fact that it works in electricity makes it very easy to maintain. Secondly the blades and external mechanism has been simply designed for easy maintenance.

Complete control over direction: The head of the discharge chute is moveable and can be rotated a full 180 degrees which means that you can control how far and how high you the snow stream, goes that has been produced by the blower. This way, you don’t have worry for snow.

Corded design: The corded electric wire design has made it a very reliable option. It means you never have to worry about the gas being finished, or batteries being drained, you can keep doing work continuously.

Pros and Cons:


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy maintenance
  • Controlled maneuvering
  • Easy on the body
  • Two year warranty
  • Ergonomic design


  • Requires an extension cord for easier access

What the customers said about it?

The customers who purchased this item were very impressed by the great performance and easy usage; they gave it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


This is a highly recommended product, packed with a lot of power. It will make your winters easier and less tiring.